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By using the most advanced well testing technology and the latest equipment, CNLC Well Testing Services Division can provide well testing services and a full coverage of other downhole operation services both in open hole and cased hole. Our activities have ranged from remote desert to offshore platform.


Well Testing Services Division can provide:

Service Records we create are:
  • Max. tested well depth: 7,200 m(21946 ft)
  • Max. tested open hole length: 1,800 m(5486ft)
  • Max. tested formation pressure: 140 MPa(20,300psi)
  • Max. tested formation temperature: 205.6 (402H)
  • Max. tested wellhead pressure: 94 MPa(13,630psi)
  • Max. tested wellhead temperature: 82.9 (181,H)
  • Max. tested gas flowrate: 2.01 MMm3/d(71 MMSCFPD)
  • Max. tested H2S concentration in gas: 150,000 ppm
  • Max. tested CO2 concentration in gas: 75,410 ppm
  • Max. production test duration: 125 days

Types of Well Test:

Deliverability Test (productivity test)
1. Back pressure test
       Steady-state test
       Systematic test
       Flow-after-flow test
2. Isochronal test
3. Modified isochronal test

Transient Test
1. Pressure draw down test
2. Reservoir limit test (RLT)
3. Pressure build-up test
4. Multi-rate test
5. Interference test
6. Vertical (interference) test
7. Pulse test
8. Tracer test

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