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Completion Services

CNLC well testing can provide high standard completion services including the design, configuration, and installation of equipment. The main completion equipment includes packers, subsurface flow control equipment, and subsurface and surface safety equipment. Packers include permanent production packer and retrievable production packer, which can be set by wireline unit, hydraulic and mechanical setting tools, and retrieved by wireline.

The standard completion string mainly consists of tubing hanger, TR-SCSSV, sliding sleeve (SSD), completion packer and landing nipple. According to different demands of customers and information of pay zone, we can select the suitable design including expansion joint, perforated pup joint, wire line entry guide and so on. Sometimes, we can select several different types of landing nipples and completion packers.
The division can also supply designing & installing services of Power-Driven Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP), submersible pump and other kinds of down hole pump.

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