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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Logging
NMR uses core, sidewall core, and cutting to analyze hydrogen atomic nucleus (1H) capacity in the rock fluid (oil, gas and water) in order to obtain the petrophysical parameters such as reservoir Porosity (ŽÁ), Permeability (K), Oil Saturation (So), Free Fluid Saturation (Sm), Free Water Saturation (Swm) and Irreducible Water Saturation (Swi). CNLC provides prescribed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) equipment and services to companies.


NMR measurement has the features of being simple and rapid, having many parameters from one sample (the analysis of one rock sample can obtain several petrophysical parameters), and having many parameters from one machine (many petrophysical parameters can be obtained from one machine). Because of those features, it has an excellent application prospect to geologic logging.

Formation Porosity Determined by NMR
Formation Permeability Determined by NMR
Oil Saturation Derived from NMR Measurement Water Saturation Derived from NMR Measurement
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