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SLIM-I MWD Services
Tool System Features
  • Uses standard API non-mag. collars
  • Battery operated
  • Same accuracy as Fat tools
  • Fully retrievable
  • Low frequency telemetry
  • Gamma ray capable
  • Easy for rig up and transportation

Tools Benefits

  • 1 3/4-in. Tool fits drill collars as small as 3 1/2-in.
  • Wireline retrievability reduces LOST-INHOLE cost
  • Pump down replaceability cuts trips
  • Short radius75ft (2.3m)
  • Measurement closer to the bit for inclination-on-bottom
  • Resistivity and gamma ray geosteering
  • Steering tool mode for air or foam system
  • High operating temperature 300F (150C)
  • Wide flow range (70-1200 gal/min)


  • Borehole azimuth
  • Borehole inclination
  • Annular mud temperature
  • Magnetic and gravitational field strength
  • Magnetic dip angle
  • Gamma ray (optional)
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