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NaviTrak II NaviGamma

The NaviTrak II NaviGamma is a turbine power generator and probe-based MWD (Measurement While Drilling) providing wellsite-selectable directional & gamma ray measurements in real-time. The service deliverables encompass positioning of the wellbore in a geometric target through directional control of conventional and advanced drilling BHA assemblies. For correlation purposes, an API calibrated gamma ray sensor measures the natural radioactivity emitted by the formation. Service upgrades are also flexible and achieved through modular combinations with other advanced Drilling & Evaluation (D&E) services. The NaviTrak II NaviGamma sets the benchmark for MWD reliability in the drilling industry.
The NaviTrak II NaviGamma features scintillation gamma ray, near-bit inclination, azimuth, tool-face reference and tool temperature. Powered by a turbine, the tool operates within a discrete range of specified flow rates and is not limited by battery life or available memory space. The MWD has a modular design and comes with 1 3/4" probes to meet most directional drilling project requirements. The NaviTrak II NaviGamma is also scalable in size at the wellsite and flexible to accommodate various Non-Magnetic Drill Collar sizes ranging from 4 3/4" to 9 1/2". For data transmission, a mud pulser with selectable restrictors enables optimum pulse height while reducing the pressure drop across the tool. Data is updated continuously using positive mud pulse telemetry. The bus architecture allows the directional sensor and the near-bit inclinometer to be strategically placed at the bottom of the tool assembly.

Service Benefits

  • Provide reliable and real-time directional control data of the BHA Optimize well-bore positioning in directional and horizontal drilling applications
  • Drill from spud to TD with a single NaviTrak II NaviGamma system
  • Operate with no life time or memory limitation
  • Identify lithology and correlate formation tops from gamma ray
  • Flexible service upgrade and modular BHA construction
  • Increase drilling efficiencies of small-hole extensions, re-entries and cased-hole sidetracks
  • Transmit selectable data in real-time
  • Downhole memory module is optional
  • Select casing points
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