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Multiple Propagation Resistivity (MPR)

The Multiple Propagation Resistivity (MPR) tool makes multiple measurements of formation resistivity using an array of antennas that propagate multiple electromagnetic signals at different frequencies. Every propagation and induction log is characterized, among other things, by the distance from the tool at which it measures, by the vertical thickness within which it measures and by its system to compensate for mechanical changes, bore-hole effects and position.
The MPR tool was the first tool to innovatively employ unique digital technology and integral antennas to accurately and reliably measure true resistivity even in thin dipping reservoirs invaded by mud filtrate. MPR is a deep reading, thin bed tool. The depths at which it investigates into a formation and under many conditions, range from very shallow to very deep. Well beyond zones damaged by mud filtrate invasion and its vertical resolution, or thickness within which it can accurately read resistivity and unaffected by surrounding shoulder beds is on the order of inches.
MPR is a compensated propagation resistivity tool. It uses symmetric pairs of transmitting antennas, above and below the receivers to compensate its measurements. This is superior to using software algorithms to interpolate average signals from asymmetrically positioned transmitters.

Service Benefits

  • Slimhole drilling and hole extensions with high BUR.
  • Accurate Rt over a broad range of high resistivity formations.
  • Eight (8) compensated resistivities mitigating borehole and environmental effects.
  • 2 MHz improves vertical response for thin-bed identification .
  • 400 kHz enables deeper lateral investigation of permeable zones.
  • Early detection of bed boundary and hydrocarbon/water contact whilst geosteering.
  • Advanced MPRTEQ post Accessing with 4 fixed depths of investigation.
  • Real-time and memory-stored data.
  • Compatible with standard directional drilling MWD BHAs.
  • Modular and flexible service.
  • Upgrades Applicable in all mud types
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