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Density Neutron Standoff Caliper MultiLink Tool

The Density Neutron Standoff Caliper MultiLink (DNSCM™) tool is one component of the PathFinder SM LWD MultiLink system.


  • Formation density and photoelectric index logs
  • Neutron porosity log
  • Borehole caliper log
  • Dynamic standoff-based filter to remove standoff effects from density and neutron measurements
  • Real-time transmission of computed log data
  • Backup batteries that allow tool operation in the absence of turbine power
  • Location anywhere in the LWD toolstring
  • Securely mounted, nonretrievable nuclear sources
Data Storage
  • High-capacity nonvolatile memory. At a drilling rate of 200 ft/hr, the tool can store over 100 hours of log data at 6-in. intervals.
  • Backup power can be used for logging-while-tripping without mud circulation.
  • High-speed log memory download minimizes rig time spent downloading data.
Density Sensor
  • Spectral density measurement uses rugged scintillation detectors for accurate formation density and photoelectric factor determination.
    Standoff-weighted data processing yields high-quality density measurements, even in out-of-gauge holes.
  • Measurement quality factors are computed with log data.
  • Clamp-on stabilizer minimizes tool standoff.
Neutron Porosity Sensor  
  • Compensated neutron measurement uses rugged helium-3 detectors for high count rates and excellent repeatability, even in out-of-gauge holes.
  • Independent compensations for tool standoff and borehole diameter improve the accuracy of neutron porosity determination.

Caliper/Standoff Sensor

  • Ultrasonic time-of-flight measurement uses three piezoelectric transducers located at 120กใ intervals around the tool.
  • One transducer is in line with the density and neutron detectors for accurate standoff compensation.
  • Three transducers provide accurate caliper data in elliptical boreholes, even when the tool is eccentric and while the drillstring is not rotating.
  • Data is acquired every 10 milliseconds and averaged.
Log Outputs
  • Wellsite-selectable and configurable log formats are available. Log quality and tool health indicators are plotted in addition to log data.
  • Borehole and environmentally corrected logs can be produced on site.
  • Pronto™ package provides quick-look formation evaluation.
  • Halliburton's Desktop Petrophysics™ workstation provides a full range of formation evaluation services at Log Computing Center locations.
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