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Compensated Wave Resistivity Gamma MultiLink

The Compensated Wave Resistivity Gamma MultiLink (CWRGM™) tool is one component of the PathFinderSM LWD MultiLink system.


  • 2-MHz Compensated Wave Resistivity log
  • API-calibrated Natural Gamma Ray log
  • High-speed mud-pulse telemetry for Pay Zone Steering applications and decision making
  • Backup batteries in tool assembly that allow tool operation in the absence of turbine power
  • Turbine power for long downhole life
  • Flexible modular architecture for stacking PathFinder tools in any order to meet job needs
Data Storage
  • High-capacity nonvolatile memory. At a drilling rate of 200 ft/hr, the tool can store over 200 hours of log data at two samples per foot.
  • Fast data acquisition mode for logging-while-tripping without mud circulation. At a pulling speed of 90 ft/min, the tool can store data at 1.5-ft intervals.
  • High-speed log memory dump minimizes rig time spent downloading data.
  • Memory data acquisition rate is downhole programmable in 1 to 100-second intervals.
Resistivity Sensors
  • Applications include real-time invasion profiling and Rt determination.
  • Dual-spaced transmitter array provides deep and medium-sensing resistivity measurements determined from phase shift and amplitude ratio.
  • Compensated design minimizes effects of borehole and washouts.
  • 55 and 25-in. resistivity measurements have matched and symmetrical vertical response.
  • Resistivity is accurate from 0.15 to 200 ohm.m.
  • Tool operates in fresh, saline, and oil-based muds.
  • Deep phase measurement reads essentially Rt in beds thicker than 5 ft.
Gamma Ray Sensor  
  • Rugged scintillation detector furnishes high-resolution, repeatable logs
  • Sensor is located 4 ft from bottom of tool for early formation identification.

Log Outputs

  • Wellsite-selectable and configurable log formats. Log quality and tool health indicators are plotted in addition to log data.
  • A full range of log interpretation charts is available.
  • The Pronto™ quick-look package provides an early measure of water saturation and effective porosity.
  • Forward-modeling software accuracy.
  • Predicts tool response for Pay Zone Steering applications.
  • Halliburtoní»s Desktop Petrophysics™ workstation provides enhanced vertical resolution logs and other formation evaluation services at Log Computing Center locations.
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