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Production Logging Services

Production Logging Services

  • Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
  • Gamma Ray
  • Quartz Pressure
  • Fluid Density Log Nuclear
  • Water Hold-up Indicator
  • Gas Hold-up Indicator
  • Dual X-Y Caliper
  • Hydro Log
  • Temperature Log
  • Continuous Spinner Flowmeter
  • Basket Flowmeter
  • Thermal Multigate Decay-lithology
  • Downhole Tractor System

Casing Collar Locator
CNLC manufactures a range of Casing Collar Locators for a variety of casing diameters. The CCL responds to changes in metal volume such as at tubing collars and perforations. Casing Collar Locators are available as surface readout tools or as memory telemetry tools. Memory telemetry tools may be run on Slickline or Non Conducting Coiled Tubing.

  • Depth Control in Casing and Tubing
  • Location of Severe Casing or Tubing Damage
  • Confirmation of perforation depths/intervals

Gamma Ray
This scintillation detector tool measures gamma radiation. It outputs counts scaled to be approximately one count per API unit. Both Memory and Surface Readout models are available. A variety of tool types ranging from 1 3/8" to 1 11/16" diameter are available to measure gamma radiation from the formation surrounding the wellbore or for particular applications. All models are compact, rugged and combine excellent sensitivity with high resolution for cased hole production logging applications. Tools can be combined for tracer work and, with the addition of a gamma source, used for gravel pack investigations.

  • Lithology Identification
  • Depth Correlation
  • Identification of Radio Active Scale.
  • Tracer Monitoring
  • Gravel Pack Monitoring (with addition of a gamma source)

Quartz Pressure
For high precision downhole pressure measurement, CNLC offers a quartz pressure gauge tool, employing an Industry standard quartz crystal pressure transducer. The tool provides both pressure and gauge temperature outputs.

  • Data for P.I. and Nodal Analysis
  • Draw-Down and Build-Up Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Down-Hole Pressure Gradient Measurement

Fluid Density Log - Nuclear
The Nuclear Fluid Density (NFD) Log is a radioactive log of the gamma ray type. While the Gamma Ray Log is a measurement of natural gamma rays, the Nuclear Fluid Density Log data are a record of the density difference between water, oil and gas, and are generated by use of a chemical gamma ray source. The density measurement is made by observing the relative absorption of gamma rays by the borehole fluid in a sampling channel. The basic unit of measure is a count of residual gamma rays. This counting rate is inversely proportional to the density of the sample and is a function of the activity of the gamma ray source. The log density data are recorded in grams per cubic centimeter.

  • Locate entry of primary and secondary fluids in a 2- or 3-phase production flow
  • Provide a density profile in a multiphase production flow
  • Determine flow regime
  • Locate borehole levels in static and flowing conditions
  • Locate tubing and casing leaks when the leaks result in multiphase flow
  • Check the operation of gas lift valves

Water Hold-up Indicator
The enhanced Capacitance Water Hold-up Tool operates in the same manner as a standard tool, but has improved circuitry. It therefore provides a better response to changes of fluid when the water-cut value is high.
The improved design, in addition to providing greater discrimination in higher water cuts, also minimises the "watering out" effect. This effect results in the tool output continuing to indicate water even though the surrounding fluid has been replaced by hydrocarbons.

  • Multi-Phase Production Profiling
  • Oil / Gas / Water Hold-up Calculations
  • Qualitative Analysis of Water Loaded Up Wells
  • Qualitative Analysis of High GOR, Water Free Wells.

Gas Hold-up Indicator
The Sondex Gas Hold Up Tool was originally developed by Halliburton to provide a reliable, cross well bore means of measuring gas volume fraction in any flow regime and at any deviation. The tool response is representative of the entire cross section of the well bore within the casing and is almost completely independent of salinity, water cut and oil/water densities.

  • Multi-phase Production Profiling
  • Fluid Identification
  • Bubble Point Determination
  • Gas Entry Detection

Dual (X-Y) Caliper
The Dual (X-Y) caliper is run centralised in the Production Logging tool string. The caliper incorporates proven roller centraliser technology and has a pair of caliper arm mechanisms set at 90 degrees to each other to measure casing inside diameter in the X and Y axes. The caliper assembly is fully collapsible down to tool diameter for running into and pulling out of hole.

  • Determination of X-Y diameters at 90 degrees
  • Measuring of casing and tubing deformation and major corrosion
  • Detection of scale build up in casing and tubing
  • Correction of spinner derived fluid velocity for varying casing or open hole completion diameter
  • Identifying ID to correlate with changes in holdup patterns.

Hydro log
The Hydrolog service uses oxygen activation for accurate detection of waterflow through multiple string configurations. A high-energy (14 MeV) pulsed neutron source activates oxygen nuclei, creating nitrogen-16, a rapidly dissipating radioactive isotope. Background measurements by two detectors allow for waterflow detection and velocity determination. The source/detector arrangement can be reversed, depending on waterflow direction.

  • Identify waterflow behind casing without perforations
  • Detect flow in either liquid-filled or air-filled wellbores
  • Provide accurate waterflow diagnostics in a single logging run through multiple string configurations
  • Detect waterflow in either up or down directions
Temperature Log
The Temperature Log provides a continuous measurement of borehole fluid temperature. From the absolute borehole fluid temperature, a continuous differential temperature curve can be calculated at the surface.
  • Locate points of gas entry in open and cased holes
  • Distinguish zones that are producing from those that are non-producing
  • Determine the geothermal gradient
  • Determine injection points and under some conditions develop an injection profile
  • Locate tubing and casing leaks, particularly when the leaking fluid is gas
Continuous Spinner Flowmeter
Continuous Spinner Flowmeter surveys can be used for metering fluid flowrates within either cased or openhole wells. The velocity and direction of fluid movement in the borehole can be determined by the Continuous Spinner Flowmeter.
Units of measurement are revolutions per second, which can be converted to barrels per day and percentage of full flow. The latter is usually presented in a flow profile derived from a log made with a stationary tool or a tool moving at constant speed.
  • Injection and production profiles to indicate relative fluid movement from or into a zone of activity
  • Locate points of increased production due to well treatment
  • Detect the loss of production due to cross flow or thief zones
  • Detect packer and plug leaks
  • Detect zones of lost circulation in open holes
  • Determine flow regime
Basket Flow Meter
The Basket Flow Meter is used for metering low flow rates within either cased hole or open hole wells. The motor driven Basket Flow Meter is lowered into the well through the tubing in a closed position. It is then opened to take stationary readings at the point of interest. Once opened, the flow is directed through the center of the tool, where rotational velocity of the spinner is proportional to the velocity of the fluid movement.
  • Production profiles to indicate relative fluid movement from the zones of activity
  • Injection profiles to determine intervals accepting injected fluid
  • Detect the loss of production due to cross flow or thief zones
  • Detect packer and plug leaks
  • Determine flow rate of multiphase flow in vertical or deviated well bores
  • Measure flow rate of low velocity flow
Thermal Decay-Lithology Log
Superior Through-Cashing Water Saturation Estimates
CNLC introduces its new pulsed-neutron logging device, the Thermal Decay-Lithology (TDT) tool. The TDT provides data that helps determine through-casing water saturation estimates. TDT data also helps determine lithology and porosity to aid in reservoir evaluation.
Primary applications of the TDT include:
  • Cased hole formation evaluation
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Lithology determination
  • Enhanced oil recovery monitoring
  • Gas vs tight determination
  • Spectral water flow detection
Downhole Tractor System
The field proven Downhole Tractor System provides a state of the art method to deploy tools & equipment along horizontal and highly deviated wells using standard mono-conductor wireline. This makes the system a reliable cost effective alternative to Coiled Tubing. Although the tractor is small and easy to transport, it is very powerful and can be used to deploy equipment to the end of the longest reach wells.
  • Production Logging incl. Horizontal Well Sensors
  • Perforating & other Explosive Services
  • Corrosion Logging
  • Video Camera
  • Junk Baskets
  • Directional Surveys
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