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Nuclear Services

Nuclear Services

  • Compensated Z-Density log
  • Compensated Density log
  • Compensated Neutron log
  • Spectra log
  • Gamma Ray Log

Compensated Z-Density log
The Compensated Z-Density log measures both formation bulk density and the photoelectric absorption index (Pe). These measurements allow evaluation of complex formations through advanced technology in lithology / porosity determination.
When combined with other logging data such as Compensated Neutron and Spectralog, the Pe values and bulk densities obtained from the Compensated Z-Densilog enable accurate determination of:

  • Formation porosity and lithology
  • Formation minerals
  • Gas zones
  • Fluid properties

Compensated Density log
The Compensated Density log provides a continuous recording of the bulk density of the formations of interest.

  • Evaluate formation porosity
  • Identify lithology when used with other porosity devices
  • Locate gas when used in combination with the Compensated Neutron Log

Compensated Neutron Log
Neutron logs are primarily used for identification of porous formations and for the estimation of their porosities. Often, it is possible to distinguish gas zones from oil or water zones by the comparison of a neutron log with another porosity log or with information from core analysis. Combination of the Neutron log with Densilog and/or Acoustilog surveys provides accurate porosity values, shale content, and lithological information.

  • Porosity determination
  • Locate gas (when combined with Compensated Densilog and/or Acoustilog)
  • Identify lithology when used with other porosity devices

Spectral Gamma log
A Spectralog records gamma ray intensity versus borehole depth like the conventional Gamma Ray Log. However, the additional curves presented make the Spectralog unique. This service can identify the presence of potassium, uranium, and thorium. Appearing in different combinations and concentrations within the formation matrix, these isotopes indicate other formation characteristics consistent with potentially productive zones.

  • Define clay content and clay type
  • Quantitative definition of natural gamma radiation
  • Mineral identification
  • Correlation
  • Aid for fracture detection

Gamma Ray Log
The Gamma Ray logging tool measures the natural radioactivity of the formation and usually correlates with the SP Curve. The Gamma Ray tool can be run and combined with all the other tools in any liquid or air filled hole, either cased or uncased. In a cased hole, a Casing Collar Log is recorded simultaneously.

  • Make depth correlation with other logs
  • Determine stratigraphic profiles
  • Estimate shale content in reservoir rocks
  • Delineate stratigraphic boundaries for several production logs
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