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Imaging Services

Imaging Services

  • Electric Micro Imaging log
  • Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Log

Electric Micro Imaging
The Micro Electrical Resistivity Imaging service provides simultaneous acquisition of high-resolution resistivity images for enhanced reservoir evaluation and improved wellsite operating efficiency. Combining the full coverage of the acoustic imager with the wide dynamic range of the Micro Electrical Resistivity Imaging results in detailed geological and petrophysical information not other-wise available from either measurement independently.

  • Acquisition of both resistivity and acoustic borehole image log may be combined simultaneously
  • 60% borehole coverage in 8-in. borehole of micro electrical resistivity image
  • Improved data quality in highly deviated wells with powered standoff
  • Full range of geoscience products and services
  • Identify geological features
     Structural dip
     Formation boundaries
  • Describe porosity
     Porosity variations
     Secondary porosity
  • Identify borehole features
     Borehole breakout
     Borehole geometry
     Pipe scars
  • Analyze depositional environment
     Bedding types
     Bedding frequency

Circumferential Borehole Acoustic Scanning
The circumferential borehole imaging log or circumferential acoustic scanning tool is an acoustic device that produces images of the borehole wall. These images can be used for formation evaluation and borehole inspection in both clastic and carbonate environments. The tool can also be run in cased holes for casing inspection applications and combined with the wide dynamic range of the micro electrical resistivity image results in detailed geological and petrophysical information not other-wise available from either measurement independently.

  • Present a complete 360' borehole image
  • Provide orientation and correlation of whole cores
  • Dip determination
  • Detect fractures, vugs, and washouts
  • Determine sand/shale ratios in thin-bedded intervals
  • Provide high-resolution acoustic caliper data
  • Provide borehole geometry
  • Supply detailed borehole images in fresh-, salt-, and oil-base muds
  • Locate and evaluate internal casing corrosion, mechanical wear, defects, and perforations

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Log
The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Log (MRIL) service uses the principle of nuclear magnetic relaxation to provide formation evaluation petrophysical data including effective porosity, irreducible water saturation, movable fluid situation, permeability, and grain-size and pore-size distribution.
The measurement of the MRIL service primarily responds to the hydrogen protons in the pore space of the formation. This allows a measure of porosity. MRIL porosity, in contrast to compensated neutron porosity, does not include the hydrogen bound in the matrix of the rock, thus providing a lithology and clay-independent porosity value.

  • Improved reserves and producibility estimations
  • Lithology-independent porosity and effective porosity
  • Irreducible water saturation
  • Permeability
  • Pore- and grain-size distribution
Operating Advantages
  • Reduces rig time by combining with other logging services
  • Increases logging speeds to 15-30 ft/min
  • Runs in standard mud systems
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