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Cement Evaluation services

Cement Evaluation services

  • Acoustic Cement Bond Log (CBL)
  • Segmented Bond Tool (SBT)

Acoustic Cement Bond Log
The Acoustic Cement Bond Log is a valuable source of data pertaining to the effectiveness of the cement sheath surrounding the casing. These data are obtained by evaluating the effect of the casing, the cement sheath, and the formation on an acoustic wave emanating from the Cement Bond Log tool. The Amplitude Curve of the reflected acoustic wave is maximum in unsupported casing and minimum in those sections in which the cement is well bonded to the casing and the formation.

  • Determine effectiveness of cement bond in casing formation annulus
  • Locate areas for investigation with Tracer Surveys and Sonan Log for determining channeling in annulus cement
  • Determine annulus cement strength
  • Detect presence of microannulus

Segmented Bond Tool
The Segmented Bond Tool quantitatively measures the cement bond integrity in six angular segments around the casing. The acoustic transducers are mounted on six pads positioned in contact with the interior casing wall to provide compensated attenuation measurements. Acoustic attenuation is measured in two directions, using an arrangement of two transmitters and two receivers on four adjacent arms. The two measurements are combined to derive a compensated value that does not depend on receiver sensitivities or transmitter power. This measurement process is repeated for each of the six segments.


  • Provide quantitative analysis of cement bond to the casing in 60กใ segments around the borehole
  • Provide 360กใ evaluation of cement bonding
  • Identify intervals of uniform bonding and detect cement channels or voids
  • Provide accurate high-velocity (fast) formation cement evaluation
  • Evaluate multiple-size casing string configurations on one logging pass
  • Orient cement voids or channeling in reference to the low side of the wellbore
  • Provide qualitative analysis of cement bond to formation
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