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Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services

  • Tension Temperature and Rm Sensor Sub
  • Caliper Log
  • Pipe Conveyance System

Tension Temperature and Rm Sensor Sub
This sensor sub monitors the tension/compression forces on the downhole tool string while logging, and provides a better knowledge of the force on the cablehead tensile bar when the tool is sticking. In addition, the sub provides information about forces on the logging string during pipe-conveyed or coiled tubing operations. It is compatible with all the standard tools.

  • Cablehead tension/compression forces
  • Borehole temperature
  • Mud resistivity
  • Wireline, pipe-conveyed, or coiled-tubing-conveyed operations

Caliper Log
The Caliper Log is a continuous profile of the borehole wall showing variations in borehole diameter. Caliper Logs can be recorded using 4 arm tools. The measurements and their average accurately define the hole shape and size, especially in deviated and elliptically shaped holes.
Single sensor calipers measure one diameter of the hole and are combinable with virtually all other open hole logging tools.

  • Determine borehole profile for cement volume calculations
  • Provide information on build-up of mudcake adjacent to permeable zones
  • Determine hole size for fluid flow calculations, particularly in irregular boreholes
  • Locate packer seats in open hole
  • Locate breaks in parted tubing or casing
  • Locate gas lift mandrels, landing nipples, and other restrictions in tubular goods
Pipe conveyance system
High-angle, extended reach, and horizontal drilling technologies have created new requirements for the conveyance of wireline logging tools. Even in straight-hole drilling, difficult hole conditions such as washouts, bridges, key seats, dog legs, etc., present obstacles to standard wireline methods.
CNLC offers pipe-conveyed logging equipment to acquire fast, reliable wireline data in both open and cased holes.
Pipe-Conveyed Logging (PCL)
PCL is suitable for well conditions such as washouts, bridges, and high angles. The tools are attached to the drill pipe for tripping in and out of the well while the downhole wireline connection is made by means of a side entry sub. Repetitive PCL wet connections can be made for multiple-zone servicing.
  • Tool protection options
  • Fast rig up/down
  • Logs in/out of well
  • All logging combinations available
  • Mud circulation through the drill pipe
  • Multiple wet connections without tripping tools
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