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Acoustic Services

Acoustic Services

  • Multipole Array Acoustic log
  • Borehole Compensated Acoustic log
  • Cross Multipole array Acoustic log

Multipole Array Acoustic log
The multipole array acoustic log logging system integrates a monopole acoustic array with a dipole array using a low frequency acoustic source, ensuring the complete acquisition of compressional and shear data in both slow and fast formations in a single logging pass. Each array has eight receivers designed to measure a specific type of signal, and each is configured with high-powered transmitters, improving data quality in both openhole and through-casing applications. The MAC(LFDT*) dipole transmitters can be configured for either in-line or crossed-dipole measurements.
The MAC(LFDT) raw data are processed to obtain waveform amplitude, slowness, and arrival time (At). These data are incorporated into advanced log analysis programs to evaluate fractures and lithology, fluid content, and rock properties.
Synthetic seismograms can be constructed to correlate with surface-seismic data and calibrating velocity checkshot surveys.

  • Seismic - construction of synthetic seismograms and integration with surface-seismic and borehole-seismic data
  • Rock mechanical properties - prediction of rock strength for frac stimulation or formation sand production programs
  • Permeability - derived from Stoneley-wave attenuation
  • Lithology - improved estimation of porosity and lithology in slow formations
  • Formation fluid properties - generation of acoustic hydrocarbon indicators
  • Anisotropy - acquisition of crossed-dipole measurements and evaluation of vertical microfractures and state of stress
  • Cased hole - through-casing acquisition of shear-wave (S-wave) and compressional-wave (P-wave) data

Borehole Compensated Digital Array Acoustic log
The BHC Acoustic log presents measurement data on the velocity of sound in formations penetrated by the wellbore. The time interval between the arrival of the acoustic pulses at finite-spaced receivers in the instrument is measured and recorded in units of microseconds per foot (or microseconds per meter). Porosity can be calculated when the value of the acoustic travel time of the formation matrix is known. Signature or VDL waveform presentations are optional. Good correlation, particularly in low porosity formations, and minimizing borehole effects in rugose holes characterize the BHC Acoustilog.

  • Determine porosity in liquid-filled holes
  • Obtain accurate porosity data in rugose boreholes
  • Correlation
  • Obtain formation velocity data
  • Identify lithology when used with other porosity devices
  • Determine secondary porosity when used with other primary porosity measuring devices
  • Identify fractures from Signature or VDL waveform presentation
  • Determine formation strength parameters using compressional and shear wave travel times obtained from signature data

Cross Multi-pole Array Acoustilog
The cross multipole array acoustilog (XMAC*) service acquires full-wave acoustic data for compressional, shear, and Stoneley evaluations, but significant design improvements have resulted in a broader range of capabilities.

  • Provide monopole full waveform, dipole full waveform, and cross- dipole full waveform
  • Provide quality compressional, shear and Stoneley wave as well as its velocity and amplitude
  • Applicable in highly deviated and horizontal wells with its acoustic system design
  • Determination of porosity, lithology and permeability
  • Identify fracture orientation and formation anisotropy
  • Detect directly hydrocarbons in the formation
  • Predict producibility of unconsolidated sandstone
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