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Well Test Interpretation

Formation evaluation is comprehensive work. Well testing data is the only dynamic data we can get. Combining these important data with geological research, logging analysis and other data enables us to evaluate the tested reservoir and tested well more properly. The information obtained from well test interpretation includes the type of the tested reservoir and tested well, their parameters such as effective permeability K, skin factor S, and absolute open flow potential (AOFP).

Services in detail:

  • DST data interpretation
  • Memory/Surface Read-out Electronic Pressure and Temperature Gauge data interpretation
  • Mechanical Pressure Gauge data interpretation
  • Formation evaluation
  • Reservoir characteristics
  • Interpretation model
  • Transmissibility
  • Reservoir heterogeneity
  • Inner and outer boundaries
Saphir software interpretation example: a double-porosity reservoir
Saphir software interpretation example: two intersecting faults exist near the tested well in a homogeneous reservoir
Simulative Pressure Buildup Diagnostic Plot of Testing Design
( Boundary distance:1000 m; Boundary type: radial and closed)
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