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Special Data Analysis

Imaging Logging

Acoustic & resistivity imaging logging has the following applications:

  • Fracture evaluation
  • Structural analysis
  • Geostress analysis
  • Sedimentary characteristics identification
Multipole Array Acoustic Logging
MAC can provide the information about rock mechanical properties available from the compressional and shear wave acoustic slowness logs and the bulk density log, and apply the information to analyze the rock behavior under increased downhole pressure conditions.

  • Mechanical Properties
  • Analysis
  • Fracture and Stress Analysis
  • Sand Production Analysis
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging
MRIL tools can provide three types of information, each of which make these tools unique among logging devices:
  • information about the pore fluid saturations of the reservoir rocks
  • information about the pore fluid types of the reservoir rocks
  • information about the pore size distributions of the reservoir rocks
High Definition Induction Logging
Array induction logging is different from previous induction logging techniques. It uses the stable radial investigation depth and variable vertical resolution. The undisturbed formation resistivity (Rt), flushed zone resistivity (Rxo), and the depth and shape of an invasion profile are estimated by an inversion technique using HDIL data. 
HDIL can solve the following geological problems:
  • Determine the mud filtrate invasion characteristics and identify permeable intervals and reservoir fluid properties.
  • Determine the displacement degree of mud filtrate in the invaded zone and analyze the production zone.
  • Determine the fluid displacement degree in the flushed zone and analyze the water phase permeability and reservoir contamination situation.
Applications of FMT include:
  • Formation pressure factor analysis
  • Permeability estimation
  • Pressure analysis
  • Fluid sample test analysis
  • Determination of fluid contact
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