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Software Resources

The FORWARD software package offers a suite of functions for data preparation, analysis and display. FORWARD includes four program groupings: Base Tools, Data Preparation, Petrophysics and Log Plotting. It can be used to evaluate sand-shale reservoirs, analyze complex reservoirs and process production logging data, as well as some special logging data such as dipmeter logging and full wave logging data and others.

Desktop Petrophysics (DPP), from Halliburton, is an integrated software package that converts, stores, analyzes and manipulates log data. The Desktop Petrophysics enables the user to manage and manipulate log data for further evaluation and interpretation.
The DPP applications run cohesively in a common "desktop" environment under OSF/Motif. Post processing modules include basic formation evaluation, ULTRA, Imaging, Dipmeter/Directional, Fullwave and more.
The GeoFrame system, from Schlumberger, is the GeoQuest project database and the framework for application development. GeoQuest software applications encompass all major fields of exploration and development including geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and project management. The GeoFrame system is designed with open architecture to support GeoQuest for holistically integrated exploration and production applications as well as client applications.
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