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HSE Policy Statement: Every CNLC employee is responsible for HSE at all times, in all circumstances and with regard to all clients. We emphasize people-focused, precaution-based, and continuous improvement principles and maintain HSE as a line responsibility. We pursue the goal of no injury, no property damage and no environmental pollution.

We are committed to:

  • Setting HSE performance targets annually.
  • Complying with all applicable HSE laws, regulations, standards and other requirements.
  • Providing adequate resources to implement the policy.
  • Communicating openly with our employees, clients, contractors, and business partners on the safe and environmentally responsible use of our services.
  • Integrating HSE risk management, including identification, assessment, control and recovery, into our day-to-day business procedures and operation processes.
  • Motivating all employees to enhance their individual contributions to our HSE performance.
  • Continuously improving our HSE performance.
This Policy shall be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure ongoing suitability.
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