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China National Logging Corporation (CNLC), was established in 1995 with the world-wide provision of well-bore technical services of internationally accepted quality and standards levels as its specific purpose.

Since its establishment, CNLC has not only been providing integrated well-bore services to China's petroleum industry, but has also progressively developed into a service company of international standing, having extended its business operations to a number of countries, such as the Sudan, Egypt, Tanzania, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Azerbaijan.


Valuable experience has thus been gained in dealing with geologically diverse reservoirs as well as the capability to deliver its services in desert, marshland and mountainous areas, offshore and in other demanding environments.

Presently, CNLC is a specialized service company of international repute, providing its clients with integrated services and solutions relating, inter alia, to:

  • Wire-line logging, mud logging, well testing, perforating, MWD/LWD and directional drilling;
  • Well completion, acidizing, fracturing, work-over and other related engineering aspects;
  • The manufacture of wireline logging, mud logging, well testing and perforating equipment;
  • Geophysical and geological research and development;
  • Information consultation and project management and engineering on petroleum exploration and development projects.

To support the effective and efficient provision of its comprehensive range of technical services, which encompasses wire-line logging, perforating, well testing, mud logging, directional drilling and down-hole operations, CNLC utilizes an advanced image logging system, computerized logging system, integrated mud logging system, complete set of down hole & surface well testing equipment, LWD/MWD tools and VSP data acquisition system.

Inasmuch as its operations have been and are based on a practical combination of advanced technology, experienced personnel and professional management, clients to whom CNLC has successfully provided well-bore technical services, include, amongst others, PetroChina, ESSO, PHILLIPS, Agip, Shell, JNOC, Amoco, Chevron, GNPOC,PDOC, NIOC, PDVSA, POL and Aktobemynaigas.

The maintenance and enforcement of an effective Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management program remains one of CNLC's primary commitments. Continuous improvement and full integration of a well-entrenched QHSE management system into its performance culture, work practices and all its operational activities, enhances both the implementation of its business procedures and technical processes and the prospects for profitable growth over the long term.

Given its ability to provide integrated well services of internationally accepted standards, CNLC, as a fast growing company, is desirous of and capable and willing to establish, maintain and strengthen co-operative relationships with clients all over the world

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